Sunday, 6 November 2011

Little Review About MyFirst Choice DigitalRecorder

Are you a journalist working
in media industries? Or are
you a passionate musician
or film maker looking for a
good digital recorder?
Well, there are so many
options for you to choose
on the market. Each
recorder has its own
advantages and
disadvantages. However,
today I want to talk to you
about my favorite one. It's
the Zoom H4n Digital
Recorder. It truly is a killer
when it comes to capturing
top-notch records! Now let's
take a closer look at it.
What makes it so different
and competent in
comparison with others?
The first noticeable feature I
want to share with you is
about its unique way of
placing the mics. You know,
if you want to produce top
notch sound output, you
have to place you mics
properly. Without right mic
placing, even with the best
recorder, it's hard to capture
the sound at maximum
The Zoom H4n Digital
Recorder makes this trouble
easier for you. It has a
unique X/Y mics design that
is very versatile for
recording at different
situations. You can adjust
the mics at either 90
degrees or 120 degrees to
fit the situation.
Have you had any recorder
that has 4 channels of
recording? I bet none!
Zoom H4n Digital Recorder
has a built-in 4 recording
channels that work at the
same time. What does it
mean? It simply means with
double the recording
channels, you will double
the chance of recording
'high definition' records!
Working in multi-media
industries such as
journalism, film making, or
song writing? I know how
constant a film maker, a
musician or a journalist use
their digital recorders. My
dad is working in the
industry as well, he's a
journalist. Therefore, if
you're looking for a decent
device to capture realistic
voices, this tool will be a
savior! It can produce
sound at 24-bit/48kHz for
videos, and at 16-
bit/44.1kHz for audio CDs.
Do you want to share your
amazing samples with your
family, friends, or colleagues
while you're at a distance?
Then it will never be a
problem with this device.
You can tune the bit-rate of
outputs ranging from as
high as 320kbps down to
48kbps. That way,
distributing samples of your
works via emails will
become faster!
You're still in concern about
battery issue with your old
recorder? It can't withstand
an 'all day long' recording
activity? Well, fact is, no
device can work
continuously that long. But
the Zoom H4n Digital
Recorder is something
special. It can't work 24-
hour a day for you, but it
can work 11 hours long
continuously with its
'stamina mode!' Quite
surprising, right?
Does it have any
disadvantage? It sounds
Of course, nobody is
perfect, that' normal. Even
with this powerful tool, you
will still have some minor
The first thing you would
notice is it produces not
much bass sounds. It can
result in your voice lack of
strength. And remember that
do not bring it around when
you want to do interview
with it. Because it produces
handling noises and other
rumbling noises. But it's
normal with all hand-held
There are other minus
points as well. It's heavier
than other recorders and it
would be a real problem if
you have to hang it on for a
long interview. And in the
stamina mode, it seems to
take longer to boot up.

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