Friday, 4 November 2011

GPS Mount - Don't Take Them Lightly

For anyone out there who is a fanatic about snowmobiles and GPS devices, there is a heavy duty GPS mount made just for you! In addition other types of GPS systems, it accommodates the Garmin Nuvi beautifully! RAM appears to have solved some of the most troublesome problems encountered by snowmobilers using, say a bicycle mount on their snowmobiles - and other such clever adaptations.

Typically, these sorts of makeshift GPS mount applications don't work because some of the extreme conditions common to snowmobiles are totally foreign to bicycles. As a result, our GPS device functions below optimal levels. We don't often consider that possibility when we're suited up and ready to roll. However, it is best to remember that GPS mount tend to be specific to the device for which they were designed. You'll find very little, if any, crossover in this arena.

Whether you want to mount the GPS PND (personal navigation device) on your hip, your bicycle, motorcycle, snowmobile, Cessna Skyhawk or your 40 foot catamaran, there is a specific mount for the job. Getting the right GPS mount will save you hours of frustration while adding to the overall enjoyment of your craft and/or vehicle - recreational and otherwise. Trust me, I've been there.

For whatever reason, we don't seem to mind spending significant sums on the latest GPS technology (and that's a good thing), yet when it comes to the accessories developed to enhance our use of same, we back up, and become the "penny wise, pound foolish shopper". Just because the accessories are customarily sold separately, doesn't mean they are at all optional. When manufacturers use this a la carte system, it keeps the overall cost of the main item down and allows us to customize the package to suit our individual, personal style of use.

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